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With the recent launch of the National Bus Strategy for England there is a lot to achieve in a short space of time no matter the role you play in the industry. Everyone bus operators, authorities, suppliers and consultants have their part to play in achieving success .

On 7 April 2021 we had a webinar on the key areas for bus priority and information provision and identified where RTIG already has material that could help you with implementing solutions.


Some of the documents and advise listed are publicly available, in which case they are linked to the list, for those not linked you will need to login as a member to be able to access the documents in the members document section. 


Traffic Light & Bus Priority

RTIGT008 – Radio Link Specification for RTI driven Traffic Light Priority and Display Cleardown
RTIGT031 – Centre-to-centre traffic signal priority request protocol
RTIGT042 - Traffic Light Priority Trigger Position File Format

Information Presentation

RTIGT033 - Delivering Real Time Information: End to end issues
PR020-D001 - Display interface specification and implementation guidelines
RTIGT035 -  Language and terminology in Real Time Information systems
RTIGT036 - Additional information on RTI signs
RTIGT037 - Displaying Transport Information on Public Electronic Signs
RTIGT039 - Providing Vehicle Occupancy Data:- Data Interfaces
PR003-D002 - Inclusive passenger information - A guide to good practice for bus passenger technology providers