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As a community body, RTIG from time to time represents the collective view of the passenger transport technology sector, as far as we can. These positions are formulated and agreed by the Committee on behalf of the group. Where practical and necesary, we will seek the opinion of the wider membership, but we cannot always undertake to represent all views. Inevitably there will be some issues on which members' views are genuinely divergent.

Members are always able to challenge the positions made in their name - please just contact us  at with your concern and we will endeavour to adress it.


Position papers

Where a full specification or guideline is either unnecessary of inappropriate, RTIG will from time to time develop a Position Paper to outline its corporate views. The issues addressed can vary from very broad to detailed and specific. Here are some of them.

RTIG-S002 10 Apr 2003 Communications
RTIG-T013 12 Oct 2017 Audio-accessible RTI (draft update)
RTIG-T025 7 Aug 2007 Short term timetable changes
RTIG-S008 17 Aug 2010 Door to door journeys (response to CBT/TRL report "Door to door journeys")
RTIG-S009 1 Jan 2012 Open data publication
RTIG-S010 20 Jan 2012 Sustainable public transport operations
RTIG-S011 21 April 2013 Technology directions: Position Paper (reaction to DfT Door to Door strategy)


Consultation responses

RTIG will also from time to time formal submissions we make in response to public consultations. If you are aware of  a consultation that you believe RTIG should  be making a corporate response to, please get in touch.


RTIG-c036-mc 17 Sep 2009 Response to DfT consultation on "Developing a strategy for smart and integrated ticketing"
RTIG-c040-ns 2 Mar 2010 Submission to ORR on "draft Real Time Train Information Code of Practice"
RTIG-c041-mc 24 May 2010 Response to DfT consultation on "Improving bus passenger services through the regulatory framework"
RTIG-c052-mc 13 Dec 2010 Response to TSAG consultation on "Shaping the 30-year Rail Technical Strategy"
Scanned file Apr 2011 Response to EC consultation on "Towards a European Multi-modal Journey Planner"
RTIG-c059-mc 20 Jun 2011 Response to ORR consultation on "Amending licences to give passengers the information that they need to plan and make journeys"
RTIG-c060-mc 21 Jul 2011 Response to DfT informal consultation on "Public Bodies Bill - DPTAC: seeking views and evidence to inform DfT of possible successor arrangements"
RTIG-c069-mc 10 May 2012 Response to DfT initial consultation on "Rail Fares and Ticketing Review"
Completed form 21 Jun 2012 Response to Catapult consultation on priorities and engagement
RTIG-c084-db 27 Feb 2013 Response to ORR consultation on "Real Time Train Information: consultation on the findings of ORR's Review"
RTIG-c092-mc 10 Oct 2013 Response to Transport Select Committee inquiry on "Winter Resilience in Transport"
Completed form 13 Nov 2013 Response to Senior Traffic Commisioner consultation on "Statutory Document no. 14: Local Bus Services"
Completed form 1 May 2014 Response to DfT consultation on "implementation of Competition Commission bus registration remedies"
Completed form 19 May 2014 Response to Senior Traffic Commisioner consultation on revised "Statutory Document no. 14: Local Bus Services"
RTIG-c104-mc 9 Jul 2015 Response to DfT/DCMS consultation on "Improving Mobile Communications to UK Rail Passengers"
Completed form 8 Dec 2015 Response to EC consultation on "the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services"
RTIG-c107-mc 1 Jul 2016 Solicited view on the management of bus-related base data for DfT
RTIG-c109-mc 26 Aug 2016 Submission to Transport Select Committee inquiry into the draft Bus Services Bill
RTIG-c110-mc 15 Sept 2018 Response to the DfT consultation on Bus Services Act 2017: accessible information
RTIG-c111-mc 15 Sept 2018  Response to the DfT consultation on Bus Services Act 2017: bus open data
RTIG-c116-tr 12 Aug 2019 Response to the DfT Bus Open Data Implementation Guidance Review


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