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RTIG produces a large number of documents for the benefit of the public transport community. Some of these are freely available; others are restricted to members; still others are free to members, but priced to non-members. For further information please contact us.

RTIG Members should log in to access 'members only' documents in the members area of the website. If you think we have a document but can't find it, please ask!

Public information documents
RTIGP001 : General flyer about RTIG

The RTIG Newsletter is available on the News tab

Corporate documents  
RTIGC003 : Members list (available on request)
RTIGC013 : Subscriber Terms and Benefits 2018-19
RTIGC063 : Schedule of prices 2018-19
RTIGC038 : Rules for election to the Management Committee

Administrative documents
RTIGA002 : RTIG-INFORM Constitution
RTIGA003 : Management Committee – code of conduct
RTIGA004 : Affiliates policy
RTIGA005 : Procurement Procedures
RTIGA007 RTIG-RSSB Memorandum of Understanding
RTIGA009 : Data privacy policy

Project documents
RTIG-PR002-D004 : Enablers and Blockers to rollout of RTI systems
RTIG-PR002-D006 : Case Studies report on ETM-OBU bi-directional links
RTIG-PR002-D009 : Approaches to using bus RTI to achieve traffic light priority
RTIG-PR003-D002 : RTI and inclusive travel (updated for 2018
RTIG-PR004-D001 : The integration of RTI into bus fleet management
RTIG-PR004-D002 : The Value of RTIG Standards and Guidelines
RTIG-PR004-D004 : Data Analysis Review
RTIG-PR005-D001 : East Kent: Business Case Study final report
RTIG-PR009-D003 : UTMC links – Case Study Review
RTIG-PR015-D001 : Managing Disruptions: the issues involved
RTIG-PR015-D002 : Managing Disruptions: position paper
RTIG-PR015-D003 : SIRI-SX best practice
RTIG-PR017-D001 : 2012 Public Transport Technology Survey (archived)
RTIG-PR018-D002 : Smart cities - position paper (with UTMC) 

Strategic Documents
RTIGS012 : National RTI Strategy
RTIG position papers are now located on the RTIG Views tab


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